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Genkinno Ace Series Announces Official Launch

by lily liu on Jun 24, 2024

Genkinno Ace Series Announces Official Launch

June 20, 2024 -- Genkinno, a brand specializing in cordless pool cleaning robot development, today announces the official launch of Genkinno Ace 600 which has been named a winner of the American Good Design Gold Award 2024. The Ace 600 was recognized in the discipline of pool cleaning technology, particularly for its efficient cleaning system, intelligent algorithms with multiple sensors, and modern streamlined exterior design. The Era of High-Speed Cleaning Has Arrived.

Genkinno Ace 600 recognized at American Good Design Award 2024

Genkinno Ace 600 stands out as an advanced option in pool cleaning technology, featuring the industry's first Active Inverter Brush that enables real-time pump power adjustment, maximizing battery life and efficiency. Its innovative 1+“N” concept allows the floating rope to magnetically connect to various modules, including the water surface module, solar panel module, chemical dispensing module, and water quality testing module, greatly expanding the application scenarios of the pool robot.

Due to its industry-leading functionality, Genkinno Ace 600 has garnered significant acclaim following extensive demonstrations and discussions with over 20 professional clients across Europe and Australia.

"I have tested dozens of cordless pool robots, and the Ace 600 is by far the most satisfying product," said one customer. Another commented, "We have been committed to innovation for the past decade, but never imagined someone would bring such an innovative product to reality. The 1+N concept amazed me and opened up more possibilities for robots." Yet another praised the product, saying, "This modular design is fantastic. I no longer have to worry about after-sales issues. I absolutely love it."