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Who Is Genkinno?

As a pioneering robotics company, we're committed to delivering cutting-edge robotic pool cleaning products that prioritize innovation, top-notch performance, and environmental responsibility.

Why Partner with Us?

You’ll gain access to a revolutionary pool cleaning technology in a rapidly growing industry, empowering your business to stay ahead of the competition and attract new customers in the process.

What to Expect From Our Partnership

Based on your highly valued insights, you'll have the opportunity to co-create our pool cleaning solutions with us and tailor them to your customers’ specific needs.

The Genkinno P1 Robotic Pool Cleaner is a user-friendly device that combines unique water-driven movement with algorithm-backed intelligent path planning to maximize suction and efficiently clean a wide range of pool types, providing a hassle-free and cost-effective pool maintenance experience.

AdaptiveSuc™ Technology

Automatically increases suction power to maximize vacuuming efficiency.

Intelligent Path Planning

Adapts to different terrains using a targeted zig-zag approach for varying pool types.

Energy Efficient

Features a water-driven movement system designed to conserve energy.

Cordless Design

Enhances safety and maneuverability by eliminating electric cables and ensuring a tangle-free experience.

How Do We Add Value to Your Business?

Personalized Strategy

We tailor our partnership to your business model for mutual success.

Modular Purchase

Customize your own robot cleaning solution based on your customers' needs and your unique industry perspective.

Stable Supply Chain

Our global supply chain ensures you'll never run out of inventory.

Technical Support

Count on our team to provide responsive technical support whenever you or your customers need it.

Why Choose Genkinno?

What Do Current Partners Have to Say?

"Genkinno may be the solution for this quality price point. It can fit standard residential and high end luxury home pool designs. I like the design of Genkinno, it's very clever."

Terry - Perth, Australia

"Compared with wired robots, Genkinno's design is more compact and convenient, and it is very easy to use. Great new option for pool owners."

Brad - Sydney, Australia

"After a year of collaboration, we have experienced Genkinno's clear product planning, their swift logistics response, and their exceptional after-sales processing. Genkinno has proven to be a reliable partner, and we eagerly anticipate their future product releases."

Sandra - Los Angeles, US

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