Can the cleaner be used in different pools, such as a vinyl pool liner? Would it need to be remapped each time?

Does the cleaner pick up sand?

Is the cleaner suitable for above-ground pools with a slight dip in the center?

Is the charger compatible with 220v outlets?

How do I clean the tank? Are there any videos or pictures available for reference?

Does the new 2023 model pick up algae?

How long does it take to charge?

Where can I find replacement brushes?

There are no lights displayed while charging. How can I tell if the cleaner is fully charged or charging?

Does it clean the sides of the pool?

Can the device clean pool walls or water lines?

Is it necessary to calibrate the compass?

Does the P1 require a remote controller to operate it?

How large of a swimming pool can be cleaned?

How deep underwater can it work?

How do I safely remove my cleaner from the water?

Why does the compass require calibration?

How often should I clean the filter?

Can the P1 clean pool walls and the waterline?

What is the runtime of the P1? How long does it take to fully charge?