Yes, the Genkinno P2 works great for different pool types and adapts easily to different pool shapes and sizes. It also features an anti-collision strip design to protect your swimming pool walls.

If the dip does not exceed a 15-degree slope, the cleaner will be perfectly fine for such pools.

No, the cleaner is only designed to clean the bottom of the pool.

No, the cleaner can clean the pool floor and the surface of the water (cleaning the surface requires using it with a Panoramic Skimmer).

Yes, the charger is compatible with 220v outlets.

Due to its battery capacity, the cleaner is only suitable for swimming pools with a size of up to 1000 sq. ft (100m²); otherwise, the cleaning ability will be affected.

Because the floating cable is 9 ft, in order to keep the cleaner running properly, we suggest a max depth of no greater than 9 ft.


Yes, it does. It picks up leaves, dirt, sand, bugs, pet hair, and more.

The new 2023 model of the Genkinno P2 has improved cleaning capabilities that allow it to loosen algae for easier removal.

No. When the cleaner is turned on, it’s in auto mode by default, and will automatically begin cleaning the swimming pool. However, you can use the remote control for cleaning specific area.

Genkinno P2 runs up to 2 hours of use in manual mode, and 2 hours in automatic mode, enough to clean up to 100 m².

Maintenance/ In-usage

To clean the tank, simply remove it from the robotic pool cleaner and rinse it with clean water. There are videos and pictures available in our tutorial section for reference at

It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the unit.

The charging indicator is located on the wall charger. If the lights on the charger don’t turn on while charging, try unplugging and re-plugging the charger. If the problem still exists, contact us for further assistance.

After cleaning, the device will automatically park poolside. Gently pull on the floating cable to bring your cleaner to the surface of the pool to remove it.

It is highly recommended to clean the filter basket after each cleaning cycle.


You can find replacement brushes on the accessories page at