Genkinno P2

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Make the burden of cleaning your pool a distant memory. No more unsightly gunk on the bottom, no more debris floating on the surface, just a flawlessly maintained pool from top to bottom that's inviting you to dive in. And all this is achieved with the simple press of a button.

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Panoramic Skimmer

Surface debris removal

Manual Navigation

Remote control

Constant Suction Throughout



Path Planning

Cordless Design

In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools

How Do We Achieve Top to Bottom?

Panoramic Skimmer

Our latest addition to automated cleaning provides a cost-effective method to retrieve debris — including hair, leaves, insect carcasses, and more — floating on the water’s surface. The skimmer conveniently draws in debris from three angles thanks to its triple-side design.

How Does it Work?

Attach, Sit Back, and Relax

The panoramic skimmer easily attaches to the main unit through an interchangeable magnetic connection. It’s then guided around your pool’s surface via intelligent path planning from the P2 down below, requiring zero additional setup or configuration.

Suction as a Driving Force

At the heart of P2 lies unrivaled suction technology. Every element of this device has been meticulously crafted to optimize suction performance while conserving energy in the process.

Wasted Energy

Water-drive Movement

The device’s entire power consumption is dedicated solely to suction, propelling the device forward while effectively eliminating debris.

More Power

Brushless Motor

Provides 2–3 times more energy-efficient suction power and delivers an extended lifespan compared to conventional brushed motors.

AdaptiveSuc Technology

Enhances vacuuming effectiveness by optimizing suction strength when faced with inclines or substantial debris. This ensures a constant state of suction that refuses to deteriorate across the entire cleaning session.

Hydrodynamic Flow Design

Ensures an optimal flow of water, preventing clogging and maximizing suction.

Silicone Wheels

Offering an enhanced grip to easily maneuver across 15-degree slopes.

Seamless Cleaning Experience

Path Planning Perfection

With a perfect blend of gyroscope and accelerometer hardware, coupled with intelligent algorithms, our system ensures precise navigation.


Covering rectangular, round/oval, kidney, and other pool types, our specialized algorithms adapt to provide a comprehensive cleaning experience. The result? Every nook and cranny of your pool receives the attention it deserves.

Innate Intelligence

Equipping the P2 with an extensive array of smart features, we’ve achieved truly hassle-free pool maintenance.

Poolside parking

Basket Reminder

Automatically parks poolside after cleaning for effortless retrieval.
Provides a notification when the debris basket needs emptying.

App & Remote Control

Manually control suction power and movement with the remote controller, enabling spot cleaning.

Stay connected via the app for real-time monitoring, OTA updates, and seamless management.



Compact design is easy to deploy and retrieve.


Eliminates the need for a caddy or retrieval hook.

Plug and play

Just press a single button and drop the device in.

Simply Leagues Ahead
Discover how the P2 outperforms traditional pool cleaning solutions so you can sit back, relax, and let the device take care of the cleaning, while saving time and money in the process.
Eliminates the need for a booster pump to reduce overall power consumption by 7.5 to 50 times.
Genkinno P2
Traditional hydraulic / Pressure cleaner
Reduces filtration times and backwashing requirements to slash the average yearly wastewater by up to 65%.
Genkinno P2
Traditional hydraulic / Pressure cleaner
Battery Capacity 9000 mAh Maximum Runtime 2 Hours


Low maintenance
Shock proof
Save Time and Money Manual maintenance is a thing of the past
Self-Sustained Enjoy a Standalone Solution that doesn't require additional equipment to operate.Your current filter's working hard enough as it is, why put more strain on it?
Slash Chemical Use
For a Cleaner, Greener Home
By removing dirt and debris separately, instead of relying on your pool's filtration system, there is significantly less need to rebalance the pH levels using chemicals.
Comprehensive Coverage No Corner Left Uncleaned Traditional cleaning methods are unable to reach all areas of the pool due to a lack of systematic cleaning. Equipped with a smart system, P2scans and maps the entire floor of your pool and intelligently navigates accordingly.
2 year warranty
Rest assured, any battery or motor issues are covered for 24 months.
Genkinno P2
Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Panoramic Skimmer
AdaptiveNav Path Planning
AdaptiveSuc Technology
App & Remote Control
120-min runtime
In The Box
Genkinno P2
Streamline Filter
DC Charger
User Manual

Which Pool Cleaner Is Best for You?

Genkinno P2


Genkinno P1


with Magnetic Connection


App and remote control

Suction power



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Works with Panoramic Skimmer


Path planning

Remote control

Suction power



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